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What is a Water Pump Replacement?

A car's water pump is a belt-driven machine that maintains the circulation and regulation of the coolant from the radiator to the car's engine. Some people also refer to it as a coolant pump. If a water pump works as expected, you'll have constant car temperatures according to your settings, regardless of the weather outside. However, if the coolant pump fails to work, it can damage your car due to overheating.

Additionally, it can put your life and that of passengers at risk since car fires may occur. The pump can break at any time. Therefore, you should consult with an automotive expert to have it inspected regularly and replaced if it's effective to prevent excessive damage to your car. Here are some common indicators you need a water pump replacement.

Overheating Engine
If your water pump isn't functioning well, it won't be able to circulate the coolant throughout the engine. When this happens, it results in overheating and can damage the engine. After identifying irregular rising temperatures through your dashboard gauge, it's crucial to contact a certified expert to inspect your car's cooling system and replace the defective components, including the water pump.

Radiator Steaming
If you notice steam coming from the front of your car's radiator when you're driving or stopping, it could be a sign of an overheating engine at the point of evaporation. A properly functioning water pump maintains a consistent temperature in your vehicle.

Sometimes you can see the front of your motor emitting steam. When such incidents occur, you should pull over immediately to prevent additional damage and afterward, call a mechanic from a trusted auto repair shop to check the situation and fix arising faults.

Noise From the Water Pump Pulley
When the water pump is not working properly, you are likely to hear a high-pitched sound coming from the front of the motor. It could be a result of the incorrect placement of the pulley or a loose belt. Additionally, it can also be caused by the wear and tear of bearings.

If it happens, it means the whole water pump system needs a replacement, since repairs may be a costly option. When you notice this sound coming from the front of your car with an increasing volume as you speed up, you should contact an automotive expert to inspect your car.

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