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What Can Cause Your Car to Smell Like Rotten Eggs?

Your car's interior atmosphere determines the quality of ride you enjoy. The lingering presence of an unpleasant odor inside the car ruins your driving experience. Worse still, you might notice the reek of sulfur or a strong smell like rotten eggs, and that's a red flag of a serious problem with your vehicle.

Wondering where the unpleasant reek of rotten eggs is coming from? The fuel used in cars contains traces of hydrogen sulfide, usually converted into odorless sulfur dioxide after combustion. Nonetheless, if an issue occurs within the fuel or exhaust system, the chemical process can't be completed, resulting in a foul smell.

Various system failures can cause a bad smell from the incomplete combustion of gasoline. Below are the potential causes of the foul smell of sulfur.

Damaged/Broken Catalytic Converter

One of the common reasons your vehicle smells like rotten eggs is a broken catalytic converter. It is an integral part of a car's exhaust system, converting harmful gases, such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and nitric oxide, into environmentally friendly substances. Once the fuel reaches the converter, it changes the small amounts of hydrogen sulfide into unscented sulfur dioxide. Unfortunately, a broken catalytic converter cannot effectively complete the chemical process, and that causes the lingering smell of rotten eggs inside your vehicle.

One of the dangers of driving your car with a damaged catalytic converter is that it can lead to higher exhaust temperatures, which can cause a fire.

Failed Fuel Pressure Sensor

The condition of your car's fuel-pressure sensor also affects the function of the cat. The purpose of the sensor is to regulate the fuel and control where it goes. A failing sensor cannot regulate the amount of gas, causing too much oil in the cat, which puts a lot of pressure on the exhaust system. With high volumes of oil, the catalytic converter becomes unable to convert the excess gases, resulting in a bad smell.

The upside to that is that you need not perform costly exhaust overhauls to rid the car of the smell. All you need is to take the car to our professional auto care center and have the converter replaced. The smell dissipates instantly.

If you notice the pungent smell of rotten eggs in your car and need a catalytic converter repair, do not hesitate to give a visit to our trusted automotive service and maintenance center today!