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Most Common Land Rover Repairs

Most people associate Land Rovers with class, luxury, and status. That is precisely why it is one of the most sought-after premier brands in the United States. All the same, as with any other vehicle or SUV, Land Rovers have their own repair problems. Here are some of the common issues you should look out for according to past and current owners.

Air Suspension Faults

Most Land Rover owners and drivers are genuinely impressed by the smooth ride offered by their new SUVs. This is mostly attributed to the incredible suspension system, which helps the vehicle glide smoothly over the road surface. However, it only takes six years for the suspension system to start sagging, prompting the owners to replace the original system with traditional alternatives.

Airbag Recall

Like other luxury cars, Land Rovers come with enhanced safety features. This is probably what drew you (and many other SUV owners) to consider it in the first place. Unfortunately, cases of airbag springs and steering columns misalignment may arise, breaking the wiring and causing the bags to malfunction. Consequently, this might lead to premature deployment of the bags causing serious injuries and, in worst cases, death.

Problems with the Steering Shaft

If you hear loud noises every time you turn the steering wheel, the steering shaft is most likely the main culprit. Suffice to say, this issue is particularly evident when turning at low speeds.

Electrical Problems and Oil Leaks

You might not expect to experience issues with the electrical system, especially after you have spent a fortune on a luxury vehicle. Regrettably, electrical issues are quite common with Land Rovers and include heat core and head gasket failures. Oil Leaks are also not unusual with these luxury cars and can happen even before they hit 60000 miles. In most cases, the leaks happen in valve cover gaskets and oil cooler lines.

Doing enough due diligence is overly crucial before investing in a Land Rover. If you already have one, you definitely want to keep it functional and reliable. If you need Land Rover repair, we invite you to bring your car to our auto repair shop today!